Beating pandemic blues…..these virtual kitties!

The pandemic year has made most of us sit back home. Learning and processing has become virtual. E-learning is the watchword today within the comfort zone of your home. Amidst all this, entertainment has lost. But hats off to these ladies who did not let the virus diminish their enthusiasm levels.

As per Neeloo “when learning and education industry can use electronic means, why can’t the same be applied to the entertainment industry. We used our Google meet to enjoy the recent festival of TEEJ. As there was no shopping done, so we decided to bring out our creative skills and doll up ourselves with handmade jewellery from vegetables. The group members were asked to do their solah shringaar from this vegetable jewellery and do the ramp walk while live session goes on. The most innovative was awarded through electronic payments.”

Another group of ladies enjoyed tambola and gimmicks via Whatsapp group. Sharing Babita said, “We decided to use our weekend evening for our fun without going out of the boundaries of our home. The members were asked to copy the tickets on plain sheets and numbers were displayed via WhatsApp chatting. Once a member wins a dividend she had to send the picture of the ticket. Along with simple tasks were given in between like posting a photo of the couple, maximum bangles, green pic, song identification and many others. Winners were given cash via google pay and a collage was flaunted on FB page.”

So guys don’t let anything stop you from having fun…build up ideas…..keep innovating !!….keep playing!!


Compiled by Dr Vaishali Agarwal

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