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Woo your mother the humble way…

May 10 is Mother’s day and with the lockdown scenario, the plans for an evening out or expensive gifts and cards are no more a call. But neither expression of sentiments, feelings, and moments are on lockdown. Set the plot to surprise your mother on this special day. Sharing to all out there we bring simple yet special ideas with the personal touch to Mothers this Mother’s Day. Choose nature’s glory, prepare a bouquet of garden-grown flowers, and wish her a beautiful morning and a very happy Mother’s day. Moving on in the day, add up spices and aroma from Kitchen and let yourself cook your mother’s favorite breakfast. Help her in house chores, pledge to be her helping hand always in them, flaunt your shakes and moves, dance to the tune of her most liked song, making her come up swaying too.

Explore your writing skills, write special dedicated poem and frame in a handcrafted frame, as I share this one from one of my students Smiti,

Your love is unconditional and pure,

All our difficulties your smile can cure,

Your presence sweet,  soft and calm

And touch is like a soothing balm…

You are the perfect one to be called Angel in disguise

World seems like heaven when seen through your eyes,

You have the most loving hands and heart of gold,

We are what we are because of the way you have mould,

We are proud to have you as our MOTHER

Coz we wouldn’t want to be part of any other!!

Pick photos of you and her, make up a collage, add words, compliments, and the most important thing your love. End the day with the most wanted thing, communicate, express all you have to share, your love, your compliments, your fears, your bond, and the importance of her existence.


This piece is written by  Dr. Vaishali Agarwal, Special correspondent,

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