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Rajasthan to be the first state to publish research articles on Public Platforms.

“Sharing knowledge occurs when people are genuinely interested in helping one another develop new capacities for action; it is about creating learning processes.” 

Rajasthan becomes the first state to implement the Open Science and Open Innovation Policy, a step taken towards making science-related research articles available for free to the public.

The Department of science and technology along with National Law University, Delhi has framed this open science and innovation policy which states that if any person from Rajasthan government-run universities publishes an article or research paper in any journal then he is required to make it available for the public.

Most of the Ivy League universities around the world accept this policy to publish the research articles in open platform helping the budding researchers to improve their knowledge along with testing the standard of the published article. Arul George Scaria , associate professor at National Law University, Delhi who lead the entire policy framework has remarked this as a futuristic step. He said that Rajasthan is the first in the country to adopt this policy. Such a policy is needed so that a person with the help of money from public institutions should be made responsible to publish the article that would be supportive for the future researchers. He further has emphasized on its need so as to cut down in the number of frauds taking place in the name of research by few academicians.

Secretary of the department of science and technology Mugdha Sinha said that they have completed the policy framework and now waiting to complete the administrative work for its implementation. “If the policy is implemented, then it would help common people to get access to these prestigious articles who are at present just read by scientists. This policy will outreach benefits of science by making it open to people,” said Sinha.

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