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Online Talent Shows – the new limelight

Reality shows and stage contests are a great way to bring out the talents of children from a city but COVID – 19, Coronavirus fear has made all of us sit back home all tied and lied up. This present-day situation has made all talents and talent shows take a setback. But then humans are humans. Their nature of inquisitiveness to always find ways to make a breakthrough in almost all sorts of situations is appreciating. Making kids get involved and bring out the hidden talents, lot of creative and entertainment institutes have come up with online talent search shows on the varied range of dance, singing, art, craft and even acting skills.

Talking about them Prem Aryan from the entertainment industry says, “As there is no need for arrangements to be done like venue, music, anchor, coordination by the organizers, the online hunt contests call up for all age limit categories. The procedure generally is to make video clips from 1 to 3 mins. as required of your respective field of skill or a photo of the drawing and creative stuff and upload on the WhatsApp number of the organizers.

It’s a good marketing strategy to keep yourself in and active in this lockdown period. E certificates and cash prizes are being given to allure participants.”  Shweta Nagal whose daughter Samriddhi participated in such event flaunting her dance skills puts forward that these contest boost up the morale of kids who have talent but are otherwise not so stage friendly. Videos made amidst the family environs make them put their most confident foot forward.

Manu, resident of Agra presently working in Sharjah states, “These Online talent shows are an ideal way to showcase your talent before a wider audience without hustling to book in professional gigs. An artist can use online talent shows to gain skilled experience due to the volume of people you’re professionally performing for. You are given feedback by the judges with a great deal of experience and knowledge about your performances which is an invaluable addition to your talent development. Recently, I participated in Quarantine International Singer by Bluebird events, Agra, and out of 2486 contestants, I made to Top 25 list. I have also got a total of 9266 highest viewers on my youtube videos.
Manu won the online show with maximum views on his videos

I must say that it has been a wonderful experience.” Antra, another contestant of such show and a student of intermediate level shares,“ it was a completely different experience for me and a surprise to me. My mother had sent my singing video secretly to this All India Way 2 Fame contest and the video made its place to Top 60. Where I competed and made my way in Top 25. Hoping for the best I am working to make it to Top 11.”

Well, the benefit of every new thing has its own spread. While Stage contests have their own restriction and confinements, online contests do not have limitations, as it lets the contestants perform from the comfortable ambiance of their homes. Today technology has made it all simple and I am sure many new talents will be unearthed by this unique platform.

Dr.  Vaishali Agarwal

[email protected]

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