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Necessary to exercise alertness and take precautions at all levels to break the chain of Covid-19 infection: CM

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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that it is necessary to exercise alertness and take precautions at all levels to break the 2 chain of Covid-19 infection. In view of this, it is required to maintain social distancing at all places. He called upon to ensure police patrolling to avoid mass gathering. The CM was presiding over a high level unlock review meeting at his official residence here today. He said that in pursuance of the guidelines issued by the central government the religious places are going to be thrown open to public.

UP CM directed administrative and police officers to have a dialogue with the management of religious places before they are opened and discuss about the steps to be taken to prevent spread of Covid-19. The Chief Minister asked officers to ensure that every religious place has sanitiser, infrared thermometer and pulse oximeters. He said that nobody should touch religious book and not more than 5 persons are  allowed inside the religious places at one time. He also directed that the shoes should not be allowed inside the religious places and the management should look after this. It is advisable for the devotees to leave their footwear in their cars and other vehicles.

He also directed to keep all quarantine centres and community kitchens in running condition. They should be kept sanitised so that they can be used anytime it is required. He said that the migrant workers/labourers should be provided ration kits and Rs. 1000 as sustenance allowance. These arrangements should also be monitored from time to time. The Chief Minister instructed the Chief Secretary to speak to Divisional Commissioners and DMs on daily basis to ensure proper health arrangements in Covid hospitals. He asked to ensure availability of oxygen in Level 1 Covid hospitals and of Oxygen and ventilators in Level 2 Covid hospitals besides arranging lukewarm drinking water in the hospitals. Stressing the need of hygiene and cleanliness in the hospitals, he said that the bed sheets in the hospital should be changed daily.

There should be e regular rounds of the doctors and the nurses. The patients should be provided easily digestible and nutritive food. He also directed to make every effort to increase recovery rate of the infected patients. The Chief Minister observed that apart from effective health services, the 3 awareness and effective surveillance system helped in reducing the death rate from the infectious disease. He said that the government has already strengthened the treatment facilities in Covid hospitals but still the people should be made aware of the prevention and surveillance system should be made more effective. He said for this, the Asha workers should be encouraged by regular communication with them. The Chief Minister directed to expedite industrial activities in the state through which the new possibilities of employment can be explored.

He said the online self employment sangam like programmes should be organised to give loans to the entrepreneurs in MSME sector. He said the institutions like Udyog Bandhu and PICUP should make efforts to create conducive atmosphere for the industries. The Chief Minister said that the returnee migrants should be provided all possible benefit through PM’s special economic package. The street vendors should be given benefit of loan and other facilities through this package by convening the meeting of the state-level bankers committee. The possible efforts should be made to ensure maximum benefits through PM’s package in the state. He directed to accommodate the migrants in various departmental schemes in rural areas. In this regard, the mapping of employment should be done to give jobs to migrants in various schemes. The skill mapping work should be expedited in the districts where the number of migrants is 25,000 or above.

He also directed to make an effective plan to provide social security to not only the migrant labour but also to construction labourers, street vendors and workers of MSME units. The Chief Minister also directed to prepare a portal for employment to migrant labour. The possibilities should be explored to give them jobs in the industrial units as well as in the government departments and institutions as per requirements. He asked the nodal officers to fetch list of the migrants who want to come back from other states so that the arrangement of trains can be made. He said that under the circumstances the digital payment should be encouraged. An action plan should be prepared to motivate more and more 4 people to adopt digital payment facilities.

The street vendors and other roadside traders should also be linked with the digital payment system and also those who get the jobs should be linked to online banking. Directing to exercise every precaution against Covid infection in Mandis, he said the sanitiser, infra-red thermometers and pulse oximeters should be made available there. The CM directed concerning departments to make action plan for mango export and also ensure supply of green fodder for cattle.

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