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Life of a DOCTOR. in #Lockdown

With the entry of the CORONA virus to our country, our exit from home to anywhere has been prohibited. The busy, bustling, eventful, and happening life has suddenly come to a halt in the last two months.  But still, we are the lucky ones to have found time to relax, to spend hours of family time, togetherness, see beautiful sunrises and sunsets, to enjoy home-cooked meals, to enjoy wearing the most comfortable of clothes and yet nobody makes a fuss.

There’s altogether with a different set of the community who have been busier than ever, move away from family, have been inwards and quarantine centres, eating the same menu, trapped in PPE suits for hours.




I’m in no way glorifying what they are doing presenting rather I’m here to pen their pain, their fears. As confessed by a female doctor, (on the promise of not revealing her name), she shares, “I am overworked, abused by Strange Govt Policies, hounded by Press, Scared to go to Work and equally scared to return home. But I keep going because that is what I do. A Doctor…

Every decision is convenience driven. Have PPE – you must wear it, no PPE – you can work without it. Have N95 mask – recommendation says one mask for 4 days, no mask – Arre cloth mask is also ok ya but kaam nahi rukna chahiye. Got exposed?

Go into 14 days quarantine, Got exposed but less staff – you can come back in 5 days if you feel fine!

Have facilities to Test patients for COVID – you must do it, want to hide numbers – No more testing for COVId!  What the hell ???

You put a gun to our heads and make us work like dogs, risking our lives, risking our children and elders, tell us we have to come and work at a CoVId hospital whenever we are called – ok no problem but now no testing patients we are admitting or operating on? Why ???

So you can show fewer numbers? And if we get it we also can’t test ourselves! We spread it to our families, we spread it to our other patients! Basically doctors will become super spreaders and then you will hang us ?!!!! How is this ok?

“We, led by the unknowing are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much for so long with so little. We are now expected to do everything with nothing” – says further the frontline doctor.

Talking on how lockdown has made medical storage suffer, Dr Madhu Gupta of a Camphor Hospital reveals, “With the much-required lockdown a big problem that we as doctors are anticipating is the shortage of blood and blood products in the coming months. This is due to a pause in the blood donation drives. We will have to think about how to work around this slowly so that we don’t face an acute shortage.”


This piece is written by  Dr. Vaishali Agarwal, Special correspondent,

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