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Udita Sharma, who hails from Kanpur, is the newly elected District Chairman of Inner Wheel Dist. 311, and has found new ways to virtually add to the cause and purpose of the theme (20-21) of the club which is “Lead the change”.

Detailing her views and ideas she says, “Inner Wheel is the largest women organization in the world. Inner Wheel club evolved its members to create friendship by developing a congenial atmosphere by involving them in Service of humanity. It is spread in 104 countries to promote true friendship, ideals of personal service and fostering an understanding at the international level. Inner Wheel dist. 311 is celebrating GOLDEN JUBILEE YEAR in 2020-21. Pandemic situation under COVID 19 had ruined our goals & plans.”


Adding she told “the India Rise” correspondent, “Worldwide changes were observed at the time of lockdown which hampered day to day working of humankind in toto. There were multiple things to be taken care off, defining new ways of living and getting accustomed to it fast. The movement was fully restricted as nobody could step out. And thereafter as District Chairman, that situation was crucial for me and I had to plan everything differently according to the prevailing situations. That was a test of us to keep our HOPE ALIVE……and not to be distressed or sad. Because we were innocent victims of something, beyond our control.”

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How to join Impact App

Seeing my weight my daughter Pragya had shared one Fitness APP – IMPACT that was about fitness and charity, around a year back which had passively taken a back seat in my phone. And then suddenly the spark ignited and I thought that the whole world was realizing that survival mantra is fitness in this pandemic conditions. Therefore I thought to give this mantra of fitness to my 3000 members and their families. So I introduced the Inner Wheel Golden Impact Rally, under HEALTH project and motivated members to walk indoor or outdoor daily. And the motivation is strengthened by the thought that we are directly generating funds for the cause of charity by simply walking and in turn burning our calories.

“Every step walked & jogged through the League, will raise money for a cause”, she signs off.



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