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From Dreamer to Achiever : Success story of Gaurav Rastogi

Success in professional life is everybody’s dream but when you turn your passion to profession your dreams succeed. This perhaps had been the motto line of Gaurav Rastogi, a successful IT consultant.

Born in the year 1980, in Moradabad, Gaurav is a son of a banker father and homemaker mother. He is the second child of four children. He had always lead a different sort of childhood by utilizing his vacations of summer and winter break by making paper bags and selling them to nearest Kirana stores, renting video games and comics etc. After doing his Graduation in Electrical Engineering of Rohilkhand University he served and IT company for around fifteen years till one fine day he felt he wasn’t made for a nine to five job.

Sharing the twist in his life he details, “I had lived in the USA for 5 years, visited UK, Italy for work in between and had a great time learning new things and exploring places till one fine day I met a man who made me realise what real entrepreneurship is? I could see he had peace of mind, he was not like people with a lot of money and no time. Rather he spends quality and quantity time with his family and had a lot of money too. Ever since I met him I decided to become like him.”

It was in the year 2016, I was working on a senior position doing the job in IT sector for almost 15 years and on a personal front I & my wife were expecting our twin daughters and that’s when one day I discussed with my wife that I have had enough of JOB and I’m not going to do it anymore.

All my relatives and friends discouraged me and said this is the worst time to take such a decision. It will eventually turn out to be the biggest stupidity of your life. But the adverse conditions strengthened my decision and thereby I did quit my job and started my own IT consulting and training company.

For the next one and a half year, I struggled real hard to prove and make success my headline. Presently the director of POORAV CONSULTING INTERNATIONAL, Gaurav holds a special place in the national and international sector of consulting services and his clientele all achieved with his single man hard work includes big names like Royal Bank of Scotland, Fidelity Investments limited, Fiserv, Icreon, IRIS, 7 N Consulting, QAI.

I was running well but somehow I felt, I may not be able to maintain the success position and may lead to downfall. That’s when I decided to call the Man I had met in the USA, whom I lovingly call Teacherji and accepted my mistake of being ignorant to learn and asked him if he can mentor me and teach his philosophy of life which makes him run and operate the business in multiple countries and still able to maintain a balance of life. He then gave me the mantra saying that Gaurav Smart Work is equally important to Hard Work.

In words of Gaurav “in my journey to success, I had two important key life learning:-

  1. There is no lack of opportunities in any field outside. Actually what is lacking is that people do not make decisions at the right time and they always procrastinate and are afraid of risks.
  2. Working is easy, rising high is easier; the toughest job is maintaining your success at the same pitch. There is when you need a mentor. You tend to take your success for granted and the mentor helps you learn to grow things in order and create balance to avoid downfall.

Talking about recent achievements, Gaurav told Indiarise that very soon he will be a certified trainer for Scrum, the number of which is less than ten nationally. On the personal front, Gaurav is married to Priti and father of three daughters Aaradhya, Abira and Amaraya.

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