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Brothers Day Feature …. RAJA AND GURUDEV CHAWLA

MAY 24……..Its Brothers day today!  The sister-brother relationship is affectionate and loving but a brother-brother relationship is a little different. It could be cuddly but competitive too.  The brothers might not be into too of showing and showering affection, hugging, sending gifts, or flowers but still, nobody can change the uniqueness in it.

Talking about one such duo of the city also regarded as Ram and Lakshman, we bring for you the story of Raja Chawla and Gurudev Chawla. If you happen to see the understanding between the brothers, you would start believing it.

Hailing from the family of advocates, Raja and Gurudev are sons of self-made parents , Late Satnam Singh Chawla, and Late Pritam Kaur Chawla. Late Shri Satnam Singh Chawla was a leading Advocate in taxation matters who practiced for more than 50 years while Pritam Kaur Chawla , a very humble and supportive lady who also worked as a LIC agent for decades, till her last day. The brothers lost their mother recently during the lockdown.

The brothers, one a chartered accountant and the other a reputed consultant on taxation matters, make them a deadly combination. Both work together and stay in a joint family environment. Apart from their understanding between them, they are famous for their dedication and love towards their parents. The brothers always lend a helping hand to anyone who comes to them in need, without any expectation in return.

The famous duo is young, energetic as well as masters of their own fields, complementing each other and standing beside each other in good times and bad times, a rare example in today’s world. 

Sharing an old turning point but still very fresh memory Raja says, “In 1993, Gurudev did his high school (Science Stream) and was selected in National Defence Academy. But the health of our father deteriorated and he fell ill. So I suggested to him that he should go to Delhi to pursue studies and career aspects as a Chartered Accountant. He without a second thought and any argument did as said. I was overwhelmed and still love the way he takes my saying without any fear or hesitation.” On the matter Guru says, “ why should hesitation come in mind in taking order or suggestion from your elder bhai, he would never come with anything wrong. Did Lakshman find any need to question Ram?


Dr. Vaishali Agarwal

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