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Brothers day 2020: How much importance it keeps in sisters life

The day is celebrated in the United States of America every year on May 24. The day is celebrated to honor brothers. We love our brothers in a special way and they have a great place in our hearts. Those who do not have brothers have someone in their life who had played a brothers role in your life.

We can count on our brothers even they are least bothered to talk to us or show care every day. We fight, we love and create beautiful memories together. The pranks they play with you are never be forgotten. So, take some time to celebrate this day with your brother. It is a great day to let your brother know how much you love and care for them.

Today The India rise brings you to the lovely bond of brother and sister shared by our followers yashika anand and hitakshi oberoi.

Yashika Anand writes,

“you are the sun which brings light in my life, You are the sky who gives me shelter to be a safe. You are a piece of my childhood. You are one strong part of me. You are a person who keeps me safe with his love and support.  I take this opportunity to thank you for being with me all in my good and bad times. HAPPY BROTHER DAY MR ANAND! LOVE YOU A LOT MY SUN MY MOON AND MY DEVIL!





Hitakshi oberoi writes,

All my love to my younger brother, you are just 4 but act like 40. Cheers me up. Irritate me to death. Laugh on me loud. Mom’s favourite kid, you are smaller and will always be. I did not have a best friend until your birth! happy brothers day bhai, love you.


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