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This 6 year old girl is India’s youngest APP Developer.

Bareilly: When was the first time you laid your hands on a computer?  I know, I did not till I was about 14 years old just like most other children. Computers have become a vital part of our life with smartphones and apps reaching almost all abled hands and the future generation becoming increasingly tech-savvy.

Kids have big imaginations; too big to be contained. Where in the past they only had art supplies like crayons and coloured markers at their disposal to get those ideas out and into a conveyable form, they now have computers, tablets, and so much more to help them turn such thoughts into reality.

This little wonder from Bareilly has taken Savvy to the next level by being certified as India’s Youngest App developer at just 6 Years old. Yes, you read it right, 6 years old. Anika Singh, a student of Chickar International School who lives with her parents and grandparents in Mahanagar, Bareilly, UP.

Keenly mentored and gently encouraged by her Father Abhishek Singh, an ex-Amazon & Yahoo Executive who now runs a successful Global Management Advisory firm and her mother Priyanka, a biotechnology postgraduate who opted to be a homemaker, Anika has imbibed a natural curiosity and innate affinity for technical knowledge.
Being the granddaughter of an illustrious Grandfather, Dr N B Singh, a renowned scientist, she has an inherited flair for academics and moral values and immense spiritual strength with all thanks to her grandmother, Manorama Singh.

Talking about her achievement her father details, “Anika has a very keen interest in technology and she was able to manoeuvre through smartphones and tablets like no other 5 years old. This coupled with her inquisitiveness on how things worked made us feel that this needed more encouragement and professional guidance. Anika was enrolled into an online, instructor-led coding curriculum at the age of 5.5 years old and immediately took a liking for it. It took her over 8 months of hard work and hours of coding practice to be able to create an app that could be vetted by a set of tech veterans who graded it on the functionality, purpose, User Interface etc before she could get certified.”

“It wasn’t easy for a 5.5-year-old with over 60 hours of instructor-led sessions, a score of assignments along with her school curriculum but her strong will power and determination made her achieve this success, her mother added.

On her personal front, Anika is overtly inquisitive, confident, free-spirited full of fun and life. She is a keen dancer with a flair for dramatics and theatre as well and avid reader who also dabbles in drawing and painting.

Anika shares, “ I want to be a scientist when I grow up.” As India steps into the dawn of an era which will see it growing and developing into a modern, self-reliant nation, its future generation of young explorers, scientists and tech-savvy kids like Anika will be the ones spearheading this big leap into that envisioned India of our dreams.

Dr. Vaishali Agarwal

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