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What better when you can help donate while keeping yourself fit?  Perhaps this was the motive behind the building up of the IMPACT app which motivates fitness along with charity. Simply walk to create Impact. Now even INDOORS, You can track walks, indoor workouts and convert those steps into money for charity.

The story dates back two years back when two friends Ishaan and Nikhil from IIT had a bet. The task was to run seven km daily for seven days and the loser pays the winner an amount of one thousand rupees. Ishaan Nadkarni completed the challenge and Nikhil Khandelwal had to pay Rs 1,000 as per the condition. Nikhil did give money, but not to Ishaan but as a donation to a social organization.

The idea of ‘Impact’ app came from here. Ishaan and Nikhil took their friends along and engaged in the mission.

With the Impact App, every 10 kilometres of walking, 10 rupees are donated to social organizations.

Ishaan Nadkarni, CEO of Impact has shared that Companies like Aarti Industries, Hero MotoCorp, Welspun, SBI, DHL and Himalaya provide this amount from their CSR funds. Development Bank of Singapore has also previously worked with Impact. This choice can be made by the user. Walking and running helps the needy. The reports say that in the present dates the people who have joined have walked 4 million km on foot and have given the assistance of Rs 4 crore to various non-profit organizations. It includes 300 farmer families facing drought, 70 families of martyrs, financial assistance to 100 women from Mumbai’s slum, planting 11,250 plants in Jalgaon, Maharashtra, providing food to students from 385 schools for a year. Employment training to a thousand youth is included.

Dr. Vaishali Agarwal

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