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A unique Mother’s Day for healthcare workers under Coronavirus lockdown


YASHIKA ANAND  –  ([email protected])

Today on the auspicious occasion of mother day, The India rise brings you to the women who have been celebrating far away from their children and family and treating Covid19 patients in their respective hospitals. Some superheroes don’t wear capes They just put on a protective gear, multiple layers of masks and hand gloves. In the face of such adversities, female doctors, nurses and health workers leave their children at home to serve the country.

Reema Chadha, a nursing officer has been away from her family since a week. She says, “I have 2 kids at home and they really miss me a lot. I deal directly with corona patients so I can’t even go back home. We are staying at a hotel so that we don’t spread infection to our families.” However she believes her duty lies with the country. “If we don’t go to the hospital who will go? I face time with my kids daily. Sometimes they get emotional and ask me to come back.

Being away from family is very difficult for every mother, and when we are bound to such situations like covid19 it is difficult to hold yourself and your emotions strong so you don’t transmit any disease to your family, said by the doctor Tripti Arora. Tripti in an interview said she is celebrating mothers day for the first time, she is a new mom. She said, i celebrated mothers day on a video call with my whole family  and along with it she shares, it is soo difficult to be away from her as she is too small and requires mothercare.

Sneha Mathew, nursing officer says, “There is risk each time I step out of my house. We don’t not know who all might be having the infection because we meet a lot of patients. We take every precautions. I have a strong belief god will protect us. Whenever I come home, my kids would dance around me wanting to hug me but I have shoo them away, Its very painful.” Apart from having a motherly feeling, she says her duty is equally important. “My son said that he wants to gift me something on mother’s day and just listening to that melted my heart. This mother’s day is special because every nurses and doctors leave their kids at home and risk their lives to work. They are sacrificing a lot. This mother’s day should be dedicated to them.”

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